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Top Five Shoes For The Summer

My Personal Top Picks

With the seasons changing and it becoming warmer outside I have started to see a switch in what shoes have become trending. The summertime is the perfect time to experiment with new colors. During the fall and winter seasons, the main color schemes include black, gray, and neutrals.

Summer and spring seasons include bright and neon colors including pink, purple, blue, and green.

Lately, I have seen these five shoes everywhere and I believe they are perfect for the summer! I love how they are so versatile and fashionable making them the perfect statement pieces to add to your summertime outfits.

In this article, I will list the shoes, how they are styled, and where you can purchase the shoes for more affordable prices.

Steve Madden Harlin Sandals

As quoted from "the Steve Madden Harlin Bone Sandals are a chic grown-up take on the jellies of your childhood! With smooth surfaces, a chunky heel, and open toe, the style radiates fun summer vibes" These shoes come in a range of different colors including black, pink, purple, cream, blue, and tan. I love the wide variety of colors because that makes them perfect for summer. I have seen a range variety of different companies try their spin on this specific style but I love how Steve Madden did it. I also like how they decided to do a spin on the classic jellies. It provides a sense of nostalgia that many consumers gravitate to. I have often seen these heels dressed up or down but usually, they are paired with skirts or dresses.

Here are a couple of places you can purchase your own pair!

Tory Burch Double T Sport Slide

The Tory Burch Double T Sport Slides provides a sophisticated but fun look to the everyday slides.

The slides come in a range of colors including red, gold, tan, black, and navy. The slides are also made out of "soft-padded leather" which gives them that sophisticated look and the colors add the fun!

I also love how Tory Burch decided to market this set of slides to their consumers. Typically Tory Burch has an older demographic but they still managed to maintain a youthful look for the summer!

These slides are typically styled with more casual outfits including jeans and t-shirts.

Here are a couple of places you can purchase your own pair!

EGO Gotchu Flatform Slider Sandal

EGO'S Gotchu Flatform Slider Sandals are the perfect comfortable slides for the summer!

They come in a range of colors including green, nude, orange, pink, purple, black, and blue.

The slides have a towel-like fabric which means they are built for comfortableness. This is perfect for anyone looking for a stylish yet comfortable shoe.

I love how EGO used the towel fabric for their slides. It makes their slides different and unique! I have often seen these slides paired with casual outfits.

Here is where you can purchase your own pair!

ASOS DESIGN Herring Padded Toe-Thong Heeled Sandals

The ASOS DESIGN Herring Padded Toe-Thong Heeled Sandals are my favorite pick out of the five shoes. I love how the raised heel compliments the sandal. It gives the shoes an overall more luxurious vibe. These heeled sandals can dress up any look which makes them perfect for your more casual looks this summer.

These heels come in a variety of colors including green, blue, and pink.

ASOS also decided to stay with the youthful and nostalgic vibe for their summertime collection. I believe this is the perfect approach to take with anything regarding summer fashion.

Here is where you can purchase your own pair!

Coach Natalee Jelly Sandals

Finally, the Coach Natalee Jelly Sandals are the perfect sandals for the summer. Similar to their counterparts, Coach decided to use nostalgia to sell their summer sandals. These sandals resemble the jellie sandals that many remember wearing as a child, making them very attractive to consumers. The sandals themselves are very comfortable and easy to pair with any outfit which is also a bonus! During the summer many consumers are looking for shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and affordable. Coach did an amazing job at accomplishing all of these goals.

Here are a couple of places you can purchase your own pair!

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