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LSU Game Day Outfit Inspo

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

It's almost that time 💜💛

As a second-year LSU student, I am excited for this upcoming football season. Football season is approaching soon and purchasing my outfits is one of my priorities before returning to campus.

Last football season, I saw so many outfits that I absolutely loved. What I loved the most about seeing everyone's looks though is how unique everyone is. It has really inspired me to step outside the box this season with my outfits.

No matter, if you are an incoming student or a returning student. I hope this article helps you when you're close to finding outfits for this season.


Camouflage or camo has become a recent trend that I have noticed. I have recently seen it incorporated with outfits, but I'm excited to see it this season.

Here are the links to the skirt and the jeans!


Dresses have always been a fan favorite!

I believe it's because they are so versatile!

I am a fan of fluffier dresses for the games paired with cowboy boots.

Here are the links to the dresses!

Purple Fluffy Dress:

Yellow Fluffy Dress:

Yellow Straight Dress:


Similar to camouflage, denim has also become a trend, and not just in the traditional sense.

I will be incorporating more denim into my looks this season. Specifically, the denim romper and the denim tube top!

Here are the links!

Denim tube top :

Denim skirt:


Lastly, tops are always incorporated into Gameday fashion. The right top can spice up your outfit!

Here are the links to the tops!

Thank you so much for reading.

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