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Stay Safe And Fashionable This Spring Break


It’s officially spring break! 

The favorite time of the year for many students all around the world. Spring break is the perfect time to relax, catch up on work, or turn up with your friends on a spring  break  trip. No matter what you do it’s important to stay safe and fashionable too. 

In today’s article, I will be discussing the latest fashion trips and safety tips to know for your spring break.   

 For starters, let’s talk safety first.

 When traveling, you should always travel in a group . This  is to prevent anyone from getting lost and it is much easier to keep up with everyone as well. I also recommended sharing locations with all members of the group too. This will be beneficial to find anyone who does get lost. You and your group should also set up a designated meet-up location as well in case location devices cannot be used due to low battery, service connections, etc.  When going out there should also always be a designated driver to ensure safety for everyone after a long night of partying. If finding a designated driver within the group is hard, I recommend calling an Uber or a similar app to ensure a safe ride home. Safety should always be the number 1 priority for any trip. To ensure safety it is also good as well to be aware of your surroundings. During spring break many will use this as an opportunity to prey on young people, especially young people that are in new environments for the first time. Keep all of these tips in mind, when you and your friends go out this spring break. 

Now, let's talk about the latest fashion trends that are happening for this spring break. For this spring break, there have been a variety of trends that I’ve seen. I have used Instagram and TikTok for references to see what everyone is wearing during spring break. I have seen a variety of bright colors, matching sets, and prints. I personally love the trends this season and can’t wait to see more! 

Source: Pinterest

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