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LWL March Obsessions 2024

All Our Favorites

In the summer of 2022, LWL officially started doing monthly obsessions and continued to do them for the following year. The feedback from the monthly obsessions post was nothing short of amazing.

Each month, I was inspired to try something new to share with my audience in the hopes that it would inspire someone to try a new hobby, product, or experience.

My goal is to keep up the series as long as possible and to keep improving each month and every year. The series wouldn't be what it is without the continued love and support from my audience.

Cheers To 1 Year Of Monthly Obsessions

New Nail Designs

This month, I challenged myself to try new designs with my nails instead of just regular French tips. I still incorporated the French tip but added a twist to it. I loved it!

Drake Concert

This concert was a long time coming. I originally bought these tickets in July for the Septemeber show but it was rescheduled. It was rescheduled three times after that but I remained patient. In the end, it was worth the wait. I had such an amazing time and I wish I could go back!

Fresh Flowers Every Two Weeks

I promised to keep my room filled with fresh flowers every two weeks. I love waking up to fresh flowers so I believe that I will keep this promise.

Pelican Games

I love going to Pelican's games. I always have since I was a little girl and I have missed going to them! I can't wait to go to more!

1 year AKAversary Trip

For my line's 1-year AKAversary, we decided to take a girl's trip to Destin, Florida. It was so much fun. We loved spending time together and reflecting on our 1 year in the sorority.

New Experiences

For this spring break, I went home with one of my closest friends and had the best time. She showed me around and even took me to the rodeo!

Thank you so much for reading.

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Until the next blog post!

Lindsay Mariah

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