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Makeup Routine: Night Out Edition

Step By Step Tutorial For The Perfect Look

Photo Creds: Lifestylewithlinds

I have been learning how to do my makeup for the past three years now and I have finally mastered the perfect makeup look for my night outs. Makeup is definitely trial and error but that's what makes it fun for me. I love trying out new products and techniques until I achieve my perfect look.

I have watched countless youtube tutorials, and tik-tok tutorials on makeup routines to help me perfect my own routine. These tutorials have really helped me to say the least. That is why I thought it was only appropriate that I share my own routine to help others as well.

I would say the most important piece of advice I could give when it comes to trying out new techniques is to study your face and learn your skin type. This will be helpful because you will know what tutorials to watch and what products to buy as well.

In this article, I will be discussing what products I use and the step-by-step tutorial on how I personally incorporate them into my routine!

For my visual learners, I have attached a video below so that you can view the process in real-time ;)


I wish I would've learned this sooner. Moisturizing before applying any products will not only enhance your look but will also protect your skin too! It also provides you with a fresh face that will make applying the products much easier and smoother!

The moisturizer I use is: The Holy Hydration Face Cream by Elf


The first step in my makeup routine is to prep my brows, I do this by using a spoolie and sometimes eyebrow gel as well. After that, I begin to fill in my brows by using an edge-angled brush + eyebrow dip. After that, I conceal my brows.

The eyebrow dip that I use:

The NYX cosmetics epic black mousse liner

The concealers that I use:

Elf Hydrating Camo Concealer Satin finish


Deep chestnut

Light Stands


The second step in my makeup routine is to apply my foundation very thoroughly. I

I really try to cover every area of my face before applying concealer. I find that this provides a smoother look overall.

The foundation I use: Tarte Amazonian Clay Shade: Deep Honey

After I apply my foundation, I begin to use my concealer. I use a lighter concealer and then a warmer concealer in my routines. This balances out my skin and gives me that light but not too light under-eye look. I apply my concealer from warm to light.

Concealers I use:

Elf Hydrating Camo Concealer Satin finish


Deep chestnut

Light Stands


For my going-out eyeshadow look, I usually use a blend of warm oranges and light browns.

I begin with a light brown as the base and then I blend the orange into the crease and then in the corners as well.

Then, I apply my lashes after doing my eyeshadow as well. The technique I use to apply my lashes is by applying the glue directly on the lash and placing them as close to my eyelashes as possible.

Eyeshadow Palette: The Nubian by Juvia’s Place


Next, I let my concealer dry just a little bit before I blend it in. This step is important because it allows the concealer to set on your face before you blend it in.

When I begin blending I do it in an upward motion as well. I also try to take my time when blending because it truly well affects the overall look at the end.

I typically use a beauty blender to do this process.


These next steps are my favorite part of the entire routine!

I love applying blush especially since I've learned which blush tones work for me. Since my skin tone contains more melanin, I use a more orange blush in my routine,

This is simply because it highlights my look more. I also apply a little highlighter as well after I apply the blush. Next, I line my lips with either a brown lipliner or a deep orange one. Depending on my outfit, I go for a nice lip look. Finally, I apply setting powder everywhere and let that sit for at least five minutes,

The Blush I use: The Elf Primer infused Blush in the color Always Punchy

The lipliner & lipgloss I use:

Nabi-Chocolate Lipliner LO6

The setting powder I use: Becca cosmetics


Finally, I blend the setting powder in and apply the setting spray. I try to use a considerable amount when I spray my setting spray because I want to ensure that my look stays on all night!

The setting spray I use: Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray


This completes my night-out makeup routine. This definitely takes practice, I went through different products and techniques until I perfected my routine. Hopefully, this gives you a guide if you are still trying to find your perfect routine.

Thank you so much for reading. Please make sure to like and share with your friends and family.

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