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Luxurious Summer Fragrances

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

The best fragances for the summer

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One of my must-haves for the summer is light and cool fragrances for the new season. I love trying new fragrances and combining them too. I have recently seen a concentration on fragrances with influencers as well. Many influencers share their "scent of the day" on their Instagram stories and often give their followers insight into their favorite fragrances.

I love fragrances that remind me of relaxation and vacation and these fragrances do just that. I have comprised a list of my top five most luxurious fragrances for the summer that I know you will love!

1.) MCM Eau de Parfum Cognoc

The MCM Eau de Parfum Cognoc made its debut in 2021. According to the fragance is described as a " hyper-real raspberry and progresses unexpectedly into the floral realm of hand-picked jasmine. In time, the scent reaches its long-awaited destination: a tranquil domain where warm amber and clean textured woods coexist in harmony" . I personally love this fragance and how fresh it smells when I apply it. As described it includes "hand-picked jasmine" which makes the scent light and perfect for everyday wear. The packaging along with the bottle itself is super cute.

2.)Creed Spring Flower Eau De Parfum


The Creed Spring Flower Eau De Parfum Spray may be a spring time fragrance but the scent is so fruity and fun that I had to include it on the list! The scent is very feminime and that was the goal from the company. The company wanted the fragance to embody the poise and grace of Hollywood's Golden Age. This era was around 1930-1945 and it was the peak time for the film industry. This fragance smells like luxary to me, it is so elegant and that makes it perfect for those summer night outs.

3.) Valentino Born In Rome Coral Fantasy Eau De Parfum

The Valentino Born In Rome Coral Fantasy Eau De Parfum is a sweet fragance. I love how delicate and fresh this fragance smells. Despite all of this it is a very strong fragance and I appreciate that. I love it when my fragances last all day or all night. The vision behind this fragacne was to standout and make a "statement of personality". That is the reasoning for the strongness of the scent but the sweetness balances it out. The crystal bottle is also a nice touch as well.

4.)Yves Saint Mon Paris Eau De Parfum

The Yves Saint Mon Paris Eau De Parfum is a very strong fragance. I usually don't combine it with anything else because it can shine on its on. According to it is described as "a floral fragance with red berries, datura flower, & white musk." The fragance is so strong due to the combination of florals,red berries, and the white musk. The inspiration for this fragance was inspired by "the city of love"....Paris! The company wanted the perfume to embody the passion that is often found in Paris and associated with Paris as well. I also love the packaging as well. The bottle is crystal and the scent itself is pink which I think is perfect for the theme associated with the fragance.

5.) Burberry Britwomen Eau De Toilette Spray

The Burberry Britwomen Eau De Toilette Spray is a fruity fragance that reminds me of summer. It is light but yet also strong enough to where a combination is not required. It is described on as a "crisp, icy pear, sugared almond and intense vanilla. " I love the hint of vanilla included in the fragance.

I love the packgaing with the bottle as well. The fragance inside is a light orange but the bottle stands tall which is the perfect contrast. I recommend this fragance to anyone who wants a strong but not overbearing fragance for summer.

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