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5 Fashion Icons In the Making

Icons in the making that deserve their flowers.

An icon is defined “as a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration.” It is undeniable that fashion surrounds us, it is everywhere. Fashion is also timeless and when executed properly will produce fashion icons.

I have decided to make a series of posts dedicated to fashion and only fashion. My next couple of posts will center around the history of different styles of fashion and the impact they have made or continue to make. Starting with this post I will discuss the up-and-coming icons in fashion. To become an icon of fashion though, you have to astonish and amaze, but most importantly, you must be true to yourself.

The first fashion icon is none other than...


First, Aaliyah is undeniably already a fashion icon. She was truly ahead of her time and if she were still here with us today, there is no doubt in my mind that she would be dominating the fashion world. From music videos to red carpets, Aaliyah challenged the fashion world by stepping out of the box with her tomboy style. One of my favorite looks of Aaliyah's would have to be her look at the premiere of Romeo Must Die in Los Angeles, in March 2000. She wore a sheer black sequined top, with black pants, and black open-toed heels. This look is simple, but yet it compliments her so well. Another favorite look of mine is her look at the New York premiere of Anastasia, in November of 1997. This look is a prime example of her sense of style. She wore a white floor-length mink coat with a cropped white tee and white pants underneath and white tennis to match. This look was girly, but still true to her tomboy style as well.

Photo Sources

(Romeo and Juliet Premiere Look)

The second fashion icon in the making is...


It has truly been an honor to see Zendaya's style grow. I have been following Zendaya since her days on Disney Channel, so it has been great to see her looks mature with her. One thing that Zendaya is definitely known for is her versatility. She is always trying different looks on red carpets and that is what makes her stand out from her peers. It was hard to choose only two favorite looks for her because she always kills it. My first favorite look though is her 2019 Red Carpet Emmy look. Zendaya wore a deep green Vera Wang dress that included matching heels and also a "sheer corset detail and a hip-high slit" as described by Harper's Bazaar in their article regarding this look. She also complimented this look with an auburn color hairstyle that accentuated the "poison ivy" reference that she made. The next look is her 2020 Critics' Choice Award. I absolutely loved this look when I first saw her debut it and I still do! She was styled in a pink crop top with a matching skirt by Tom Ford with long brown braids as well. No matter the look, Zendaya never disappoints!

The next fashion icon in the making is ...

Bella Hadid

Not only does Bella Hadid astonish us on the runway, but she also delivers off the runway as well. From appearances on the red carpet to just everyday wear, Bella Hadid has proven that the fashion doesn't make her—she makes the fashion! Bella is always trying different styles and different aesthetics from her hair to her shoes and she is always attempting and accomplishing these trends. My favorite look would have to be her 2018 Met Gala look. She wore a sleek black Versace dress accompanied with a custom 10-pound veil taking an alternative approach to the gala's theme that year: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. The next look that I absolutely adore is a casual look that she debuted while out and about in February of 2020. As described by Harper's Bazaar, she wore a " pistachio trench coat by Saks Potts, a cropped white top, green slacks, narrow amber shades, brown earrings, a brown handbag, and white sneakers.” I love Bella's style because she makes everything her own.

Photo Sources

The fourth fashion icon in the making is...

Teyana Taylor

Since the early age of 16, Teyana Taylor has been known to step outside the box with her fashion choices. Now at the age of 30 her style has only grown—still having that edgy side but only more mature. From being an actor, model, rapper, singer/songwriter, choreographer, and director Teyanna has many different roles but always dresses whatever role she is in for that day. That is what makes her style stand out. She is unapologetically herself not only in her work but in her style as well. One of my favorite looks from her would have to be her 2016 American Music Awards look. She wore a black lacy Steven Khalil dress that perfectly accentuates her figure and highlighted her muscular physique. Another favorite look I have is her look at the 2016 VH1 Divas Holiday: Unsilent Night red carpet. She wore a skintight emerald green dress by Jason Boateng. It was perfect for this event!

The fifth and final fashion icon in the making is

Harry Styles

I choose Harry Styles as the last fashion icon in the making because he stunned the world of fashion with his fashion choices unapologetically. Harry kills every outfit he debuts and it has been an honor to watch his style grow. I have been a fan of Harry since his One Direction days, so nothing makes me happier than to see Harry evolve not only through his music but into himself as well. That brings me to my first look. It would have to be his look at the 2020 Brit Awards. He wore an all-white ensemble by Marc Jacobs from the women's collection and he looked absolutely stunning. The next look I adore is his look at the 2019 Met Gala. He wore a sheer black blouse with matching black trousers. Once again he blurred the lines between femininity and masculinity and did so while looking fabulously.

Honorable Mentions

These fashion trailblazers deserve their flowers as well but just might not have made the list due to: era, style of fashion, or simply because they deserve their own special post due to the major contributions to fashion the list includes:

  • Lil Kim-Without her contributions our favorites now wouldn't have an inspiration to pull from. She deserves all the praise.

  • Virgil- When it comes to designing, Virgil has the ability to stand out amongst other designers. He also has the ability to combine his knowledge of engineering with also his passion for fashion.

  • Rihanna- Ms.Versatility herself, Rihanna is one of the only women in the world who can pull off anything and I mean ANYTHING.

Last but not least:

Beyoncé- From red carpets, concert looks, and to her very own athletic line, Beyoncé has proven time and time again her impacts on fashion.


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