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A Guide To Surviving Midterms

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


It is that time of the semester that midterms usually begin to take place and it can often feel very overwhelming.

I have almost officially completed my first year as a college freshman so I have taken a couple of midterms at this point. In high school though, I was not a stranger to taking midterms as well. So I actually have a few years of midterm-taking advice that I have used and it has brought very successful results. Along with that I also wanted to share my personal advice on how to deal with the stress of midterms after you take it too. That advice is just as beneficial as the advice you need before you take midterms as well.

I believe that midterms get such a bad rep because often students are not prepared to take their midterms. Some of this may be the students’ fault but often it is also the professor to blame as well.

If you find yourself feeling unprepared for your midterm, you should take the time to reach out to your professors for guidance.

This may sound very simple in itself but it will produce positive results in the end.

Your professors will remember that you took the initiative to reach out for guidance and in college, it is very important that your professors remember you fondly. As they will be providing you with your final grade at the end of the term.

The next step that will help your midterm grade is to begin planning when and how you will study. Personally, the way I study depends on the class I am taking the midterm for. For example, if the midterm is for my math class I will begin studying a week or more before. I will also redo the problems provided by the professor as many times as I can to help with retention. For a class like English though, I will start preparing maybe only five or four days before because that will be easier for you. It is definitely trial and error to figure out what study method works better for you. I recommend testing out different study habits for tests and quizzes so that by the time you take your midterm, you are already familiar with what works best for you.

Thank you so much for reading.

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great advice..good luck on mid-terms!

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