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LWL August Obsessions

All Our Favorites From August

In the summer of 2022, LWL officially started doing monthly obsessions and continued to do them for the following year. The feedback from the monthly obsessions post was nothing short of amazing.

Each month, I was inspired to try something new to share with my audience in the hopes that it would inspire someone to try a new hobby, product, or experience.

My goal is to keep up the series as long as possible and to keep improving each month and every year. The series wouldn't be what it is without the continued love and support from my audience.

Cheers To 1 Year Of Monthly Obsessions!

Filming Get Ready With Me's

I love filming GRWMs! I try to film one every time I go out. I love coming up with new ways to film content and enhance my editing skills. One day I want to branch off and start a Youtube channel to go along with LWL and this is just one way I want to build my skills before I start my channel.

Going Back To School/ Moving In

This month, I have returned to campus and it has been good so far. I am still settling in and getting used to my schedule but I am so excited for what this semester has in store for me!


For most of the summer, my hair has been in braids and I have been loving it. Braids are such a good protective style. I save so much time in the morning without worrying about how I'm going to do my hair.

Planning Content

Lately, I have been obsessed with planning content ahead of time for LWL. As a college student, it is very helpful for me when I can plan out my week ahead so I decided to start scheduling out content with LWL as well.

Building LWL's Instagram Presence

One of my main goals for the last few months has been to expand LWL's presence on Instagram. Over the last few months, LWL's Instagram has been growing and I couldn't be happier! My goal is to reach to 500 followers before the end of the year! Make sure to like, share with your friends, and follow @lifetsylewithlinds on Instagram.

Planners & Calendars

This past month, I have been relying on my planner and calendar to keep my life less hectic and it has been working. I have been trying to plan out my schedule two weeks in advance and it has been so helpful. I have also tried to write things down in my planner as soon as I get it. By doing this, I have been able to lead a more peaceful life now that I schedule my life more accordingly.

Thank you so much for reading.

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