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LWL April Obsessions

All Our Favorites From April

Source: LWL

For the past several months, we have been consistently updating our audience on our monthly obsessions!

Each month, our team picks favorite items that we love from that month.

For April we have picked from various experiences, ideas, and new habits. 

These are our top favorites from April!

Friendship and Sisterhood

The theme for April for me was friendship and sisterhood. I crossed into my sorority earlier this month and it was one of the biggest highlights of the month for me. I am so blessed that this opportunity brought me to meet my new sisters. I also was able to go home and celebrate my little sister’s birthday and her prom! 


I’m back to drinking tea more often again this month. I have mentioned tea in previous obsession posts but I’m still obsessed! 

Adding New Things To My Routine

One of my goals for this year was to start becoming the woman that I always talk about becoming in the future physically, mentally, and emotionally. One way this looks for me is having a consistent routine with consistent products. This month I’ve actively been searching for new products to add to my routine and stay in my routine as well. Look out for a hygiene routine and an updated self-care routine as well in the future!

Mini Vlogs While Doing My Makeup

I have always tried to keep a TikTok presence, but I have been putting in extra work this month. I started filming, get ready with me, and posting them on tik tok. I also discuss any topic that comes to mind while I do my makeup. This is a fun way for me to gain more exposure for my blog and just fun for me!

College Life 

As the spring semester winds down, I am already looking to the future for the next semester. I’ve been researching what positions I want to apply for, what new organizations I want to join, and just reflecting on my time as a freshman. I’m so blessed to have made it this far, and I am excited for the rest of my college career to come!

Thank you so much for reading.

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