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LWL August Obsessions

All Our Favorites From August

New series alert!

Each month, our team is going to pick items that we love!

For August, we have picked from a range of music, food, Netflix shows, and more to share with everyone!

These are our top 8 favorites from August!

1.) Renaissance By Beyoncé

Beyoncé released her seventh studio album on July 29th,2022.

This album shows Beyoncé fans a different side of her and also her versatility and range.

The album has a ’70s vibe and is empowering which is why I personally love it.

My top three songs are All up in your mind, Virgo's groove, and Church girl.

2.) Salads

I have been eating more salads this month and I love incorporating them into my daily meals.

3.) Selling The OC

I am a huge fan of the Selling franchise. So I definitely had to check out the latest expansion of the franchise. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for next season.

4.) Pasta

l love trying new pasta when I go out to eat and this month I have been obsessed with it!

5.) My Blonde Highlights

Of course, I had to include my blonde highlights. I love my new look and can’t wait to experiment even more in the future. Check out my blog post where I discuss how to take care of your colored hair!

6.) Bailey Sarian Mystery And Makeup Mondays

If you love makeup and listening to mysteries then you have to watch Bailey Sarian’s Mystery And Makeup Mondays.

7.) This Is My Happy Place, A Positivity Journal For Finding God's Light

Recently, I have been looking for new ways to journal and I came across this book. Not only does it serve my purpose for journaling but it also allows me to connect more with my faith and I love that.

8.) The Good Daughter By S.A. McEwen

If you are interested in thrillers, I recommend this book. It is a page-turner and will have you guessing until the very end!

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