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Figuring Out Friendships: How To End, Maintain, & Grow

The Key To Mastering It All

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Most friendships last a lifetime but what happens when they don't?

Figuring out friendships can be difficult at times. Not knowing if you should move forward with a friendship or end it can be nerve-wracking as well. The sad truth is that not all friendships are going to last as time goes on and that is okay.

When figuring out friendships, it's important to know when to end, maintain, and grow with them. As human beings we are constantly growing and evolving each day and similarly our friendships need to grow and evolve too or otherwise they will end.

1.) When Is It Time To End A Friendship?

When you know, you know.

Ending a friendship is the last option and often the hardest option to choose as well. To lose a friend sometimes hurts more than losing a romantic relationship some might say.

This is because when you end a friendship you are not only losing your friend but you are losing the person that stays up until 2 in the morning laughing with you, the one who wipes away your tears, the one who stays with you when you are sick, and the one who supports you with your achievements.

Ending a friendship shouldn't always be viewed as a negative though despite the best memories you have with that person.

Sometimes friendships end simply because you grew apart. You are not the same person you have always been and neither are they. It is okay to grow apart but still support each other on your journeys just seprately. The love and memories will still be there.

There are times when you must end a friendship because it has become toxic.

It is hard to recognize a toxic friendship because that friendship did not always start off that way and it's hard to accept that a friendship has now become toxic.

Before you end a friendship, try to reach out and address the situation with them first. State your feelings, how they made you feel, and what you expect moving forward. This is giving you an opportunity to set your boundaries and them an opportunity to acknowledge and respect them.

If that doesn't work you can either confront them and end the friendship or slowly distance yourself from them.

Either way, toxic relationships in general aren't good for your mental health and for the sake of your mental health something has to change.

2.) How Do I Maintain And Grow With My Friendships?

Maintaining and growing go hand in hand with each other with friendships. By maintaining and growing with your friendships, it inspires longevity.

To have good friends you must be a good friend. Friendships are a two-way street and it takes work to maintain your friends, just like with any relationship, it requires work.

You should actively try to make time for your friends just how you would with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Try to schedule monthly friend dates, just to check in and catch up with your friends. Check out my blog post on how to plan friend dates for more details! My favorite things to do is to have brunch or go shopping with my friends!

Make sure to always check on your friends too, especially your strong friends! We're all trying our best and it's nice to know that someone is thinking of you especially during hard times.

Support your friends and celebrate them when they achieve their goals. It is so important that your friends feel supported. Having a great circle of friends that are supportive goes a long way.

Thank you so much for reading.

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