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LWL February Obsessions

All our favorites from February!


For the past several months, we have been consistently updating our audience on our monthly obsessions!

Each month, our team picks our favorite items that we love from that month.

For February we have picked from a variety of food, experiences, and new habits. 

These are our top favorites from February!


This month, I started drinking tea again and I love it. Tea has many great benefits and I can’t wait to explore all of the different kinds of tea as I continue this journey.

Source: LWL

 My 19th Birthday Experience 

On February 18th, I celebrated my 19th birthday, and I felt so loved and happy. I spent time with my family and friends from far and near and they all made me feel so special!

I had a breakfast brunch, then we celebrated at one of the most famous Mardi Gras parades, and then the next day we went to lunch. I thank God for allowing me to see another year and I’m just so grateful for everyone that made my birthday so special.


Early Night In  

I have truly enjoyed staying in at night more this month. I have noticed that I enjoy the nights that I stay in as I get older. I love taking my shower early, doing my skin care routine, and relaxing in my bed until I fall asleep all before 12. 

Source: Pinterest

Mardi Gras (Parades & Balls) 

Being a New Orleanian, my favorite time of the year 

has to be the Mardi Gras season. This Mardi Gras season was extra special to me, because it felt normal and almost close to the way it felt before the pandemic.

This season, I had the honor of attending two Mardi Gras balls, and honoring two very special ladies that are close to me as they made their debuts to society. I also got to celebrate Mardi Gras with my family which is always extra special and I also celebrated my birthday on one of my favorite parades so Mardi Gras 2023 is definitely one I’m going to remember for a long time.



This month I started drinking Starbucks again and once again I am obsessed.


Eating Better 

In college, it is sometimes hard to make good eating habits. Last semester I found myself always eating fast food or canned food in my dorm. This semester, I have made it a goal to eat better and eat fulfilling meals as well.


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