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LWL July 2023 Obsessions

Cheers To 1 Year Of Monthly Obsessions !

In the summer of 2022, LWL officially started doing monthly obsessions and continued to do them for the following year. The feedback from the monthly obsessions post was nothing short of amazing.

Each month, I was inspired to try something new to share with my audience in the hopes that it would inspire someone to try a new hobby, product, or experience.

My goal is to keep up the series as long as possible and to keep improving each month and every year. The series wouldn't be what it is without the continued love and support from my audience.

Cheers To 1 Year Of Monthly Obsessions!

Positive Thinking

I believe that positive thinking leads to positive outcomes. For the past month, I have actively been trying to think more positively and it has been paying off. It is not always easy to stay positive but the rewards are worth it.

The Lincoln Lawyer

My guilty pleasure this month has been The Lincoln Lawyer. I have been obsessed with this show and cannot wait to watch the rest of the new season this month!

Online Shopping

This shouldn't come as a surprise but I have been obsessed with online shopping this month as I have every other month. I love online shopping the most when it has purpose and intention. This month I have had to shop for my vacation and for this upcoming semester and I loved it.

Vacation Prep

Vacation Prep is the best prep!

This month has been spent preparing for my last vacation! I was so prepared for this vacation because of my preparation!

Check out my blog post all about vacation prep to plan for your next vacation!

Quality Time

With Friends And Family

As I prepare to return to campus, I have been focusing on these last couple of weeks with my friends and family. I have loved spending this summer with them and I will miss them tremendously!

College Prep

This past month, I have been preparing to go back to campus and it has not been easy. All of my days have been spent shopping and preparing for the semester as much as possible. Be on the lookout for an upcoming blog post on everything you need to prepare for this upcoming semester!


As the upcoming semester approaches, I have begun making my budget to prepare for my spending habits. Budgeting is not always easy to stick to but making a plan is the beginning. Be on the lookout for a blog post focusing on budgeting!

Thank you so much for reading.

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I pray you have a great semester and thanks for sharing your experiences. The one on organization was very helpful!

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