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All Our Favorites From May

Source: LWL

For the past several months, we have been consistently updating our audience on our monthly obsessions!

Each month, our team picks favorite items that we love from that month.

For May we have picked from a variety of experiences,ideas, and new habits. 

These are our top favorites from May!

Hygiene Routine

For the past few weeks, I wanted to update my hygiene routine and habits. I have been obsessed with my newly updated routine and I can’t wait to share it! I have tried out numerous products to improve my oral health, my body, and my skincare routine. Tik tok, Youtube, and blog articles have become my best friends while navigating which products to add to my routine. 

Daily Room Maintenance

I am sort of a clean freak when it comes to my space. I believe that your room is a reflection of your well-being so I try my best to keep my space clean. Now that I am back home for the summer, I have taken the time to deep clean my room and it has tremendously helped me. Now I try to clean my room a little bit each day to maintain it.

 New curly hair habits

For the last few months, I was away at college. I noticed that my hair more specifically my curls are really dry. I decided to go to a natural salon and I loved it. I received a hydration treatment which helped my hair tremendously. I’ve also been taking better care of my hair. I’ve noticed that my hair is not as dry now. On wash days I separate my hair into four sections and focus on cleaning my scalp

Taco Tuesday

Every other Tuesday, me and my family go out to eat tacos Tuesday night. I have thoroughly enjoyed it this month. I love spending time with my family and this is a great way to do it.

Being Back home

Nothing compares to being back home with my friends and family.

 I am excited about what the summer has in store for me.


This month I have been using Pinterest more frequently as a source of inspiration and I love it!

Thank you so much for reading.

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