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LWL October Obsessions

All Our Favorites From October

New series alert!

Each month, our team is going to pick items that we love!

For October, we have picked a range of music, food, clothes, and more to share with everyone!

These are our top favorites from October!

1.) Slow Mornings

This month, I have enjoyed my slow mornings. A " slow morning" to me is waking up at my lesuire, making myself breakfast & coffee, and just taking the time to refocus and endulge in self-care before starting my day.

2.) Muffins & Bagels

I love muffins and bagels I usually enjoy them with my slow mornings.

3.) Her Loss By Drake & 21 Savage

The long and antipated joint album by Drake and 21 Savage finally dropped on November 4th 2022. It was suppsoed to drop October 28th, 2022. I am a big fan and I could not be more excited. The album featured both artists strengthens separtely and together. My favorite songs are Spin Bout U and Circo Loco.

4.)Chick-fil A

You can never go wrong with a chicken sandwich and fries from Chick-fil A!

5.) Sunday Resets

My all time favorite thing to do is my Sunday resets. I really feel more prepared for the week when I do my resets and I have been doing them more this month. To learn how I personally do them check out my blog post all about them!

6.) Hoodies + Leggings Combo

Since the weather is changing from warm weather to more cool weather I have been wearing this combo lately. I just love feeling warm and as comfortable as possible during the fall while going to class or running errands.

7.) Scary Movies

During October, I loved planning scary spooky movie nights with my friends. It was so much fun!

Photo Source: Pintrest

8.) Motivational Affirmations

This month I have been using motivational affirmations to stimulate positivity and motivation! This one has been my favorite for the past month.

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