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Makeup 101 for Beginners!

Updated: May 10, 2020

First and foremost, you should always believe that you are beautiful with and without makeup always ;)

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

CoCo Chanel.”

The three tips that I would offer to someone who is just starting off with makeup is:

1.) Don't overspend on name brand makeup.

2.) Work your way up, and don't get discouraged!

3.) Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors and looks.

In the beginning, all I wanted was the latest palettes by Fenty Beauty, Juvia's Place, and Morphe. All of these brands have beautiful products that I adore but they are a little bit on the pricer side. I would recommend these drugstore brands for beginners instead such as Revlon and Maybeline. These are great quality products to practice with and are much more affordable!

Try to watch makeup tutorials made just for beginners. This way you can build your skill and practice more at your own pace. If you watch tutorials made more for someone advanced, it can discourage you altogether when it doesn't go your way. So instead just gradually watch more challenging looks for better results.

Finally, always have the courage to try something different with makeup whether thats with different colors or a completely different routine all together. This is what I personally love about makeup, how you can always improve your look in some shape or form!

Love Lindss;)

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Enjoy reading your tips, I’ll try it out and give you an update!


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