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My Favorite Trends for the Summer

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Heyyy everyone since it is summer now I thought it was only right that I make a post about what trends I’ve been seeing around and are in right now 🦋

1.) Knotless Braids & Pop Smoke Braids

Knotless braids give a unique look to traditional box braids style. Pop Smoke braids not only honor the late rapper and give a new trend for the summer, the style also keeps his legacy alive

2.) Stacked Leggings

I love how these leggings look with any outfit! These leggings add a little flair to your look and will guarantee that you stand out in the crowd.

3.) Biker Shorts

I think these type of shorts are good for the summer because they are so comfortable and come in many colors.

4.) Flattop Shades

I love these shades for the summer I think they are really cute and so affordable.

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