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Remedies For Getting Better Sleep

Tired of Restless Nights? Here are some simple solutions to ensure you get a good night's sleep.

First, everyone can attest to the feeling of not being able to fall asleep. It can get the best of us sometimes. This is especially true if it is a constant battle for you to get a good night's sleep every night. Due to research, statistics, and scientific developments, it is easier to find help for sleepless nights.

Aroma Therapy

This is my top recommendation for anyone who wants to receive better sleep. I love using Aroma Therapy before I go to sleep and I also have seen improvement in my sleeping. According to, Aroma Therapy “is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being.” Along with improving sleep, aroma therapy also has other benefits including: reducing stress, managing pain, and improving digestion. I use Aroma Therapy through a diffuser but it can be used through “aromatic spritzers, inhalers, bathing salts, body oils, creams, or lotions for massage or topical application.” The oil I recommend and personally use is lavender. Lavender oil has numerous of healing properties that I enjoy.

Physical Activity

Before going to sleep, if you indulge in any type of physical activity, it will help you fall asleep faster.

The exercises provided below should help

Extra Tips and Tricks to Improve Sleep

Here are a few more tips to help improve your sleep.

1.) Try drinking tea before going to sleep, preferably Chamomile tea.

2.) Keeping your room at cooler temperatures is key!

3.)Sleeping with your room dark has been proven to help with falling asleep.

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