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Supporting #BLM

There are numerous ways to show your support but ultimately everyone has to do their part to put a stop to this. All across the country many are coming together to fight against racism. Here are ways to support the cause no matter your race because this is all of our fight.

"Racism is not getting worse, its getting filmed. "

-Will Smith

First, I am writing this with a heavy heart. My heart goes out to not only the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, but also to the families of other victims who were not filmed. One thing that I have become more aware of during this time is that others share the same sentiment.Many people across the country are now realizing that this battle is not just between two races. It is up to all of us to unite and come together as a country to fight injustice.

Some ways to show your support are:

  1. Recognize that there is a problem and then use your platform to bring awareness to it. No matter how small or big your platform is, you have a voice.

  2. Go to protests if you can. This is a huge way to show your support, but please be safe if you choose to go.

  3. Do your own research, sign online petitions, and donate to worthy causes

Finally, there are plenty of other ways you can show your support. These are just a few. I hope this post has inspired you to think of more.

Love Lindss;)

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