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Surviving The First Week Back Of The New Semester: Scheduling, Productivity, & Studying Advice

The Ulitmate Guide

After a much-needed break from college, it is officially time for me to return and begin classes for the spring semester. As much as I have loved being home and spending time with family and friends, I am excited to start my spring classes and get back into my routines for school. Personally, I thrive when there is structure in my life and an example of that is scheduling my week ahead of time. Every Sunday, I set aside time to look at the week ahead and block out my schedule. I use the calendar on my phone to do my scheduling and this works best for me because I can set reminders for specific events that are happening that week. I also use the notes app on my phone to schedule my week as well but that is only used when I want to go more in-depth with my scheduling. The last software I use is notion. Notion is an online planner that is fully customizable. With notion, you can outline every aspect of your life and include as little or as much detail as you would like. Using notion does take preparation before you can even begin scheduling but it is very helpful for more in-depth scheduling which I sometimes prefer when my week is hectic.

The advice I have when it comes to scheduling is to take your time. Scheduling is supposed to make your life easier and not more stressful so try to keep that in mind as well. The best way to begin scheduling is to figure out what works best for you. As previously stated, I prefer to do all of my scheduling digitally but for you, it may be easier to physically write everything down by hand. This may include using a calendar that you can hang up in your room or using a planner that you can physically carry with you. I also recommend determining how much of your life you want to schedule. Personally, just scheduling my classes and tasks for the week ahead works best for me but sometimes I do need to schedule my daily tasks as well. Scheduling has made my life much easier as a college student and I highly recommend it to anyone in school to start scheduling their weeks ahead of time this semester. As soon as my professors tell me the due dates for my assignments I immediately put them on my calendar and block out time for those assignments. I also block out time for myself, time for studying, and time for socializing. It is very important that when you are scheduling you are making time for other things besides school that way you do not burn out.

Along with that, it is easy to not feel productive when there isn’t anything to do on your schedule. The best way to avoid that this semester is with anything you do try to find the productiveness in it but also recognize your least-productive activities though. Productivity looks different for everyone so try not to stress about always feeling productive. I recommend limiting distractions, setting small goals, doing the hardest task first, and not putting off your assignments. All of these tips will promote productivity. Sometimes it’s okay to just relax though and in fact, it is necessary. As long as you feel like you are being productive then you are! It is really that simple.

Finally, scheduling and productivity are key elements when it comes to studying. Studying is one of the main things I do in college. It occupies a lot of my time but I do not allow it to stress me out. I personally dedicate 20-30 minutes every day to every subject just to review the concepts. I recommend this because that way when it's time for tests and quizzes, you are not cramming because you are already very familiar with the work. Over the years, I have used many different techniques when it comes to studying but this technique has been most beneficial. I also use Quizlet which is a big help. I also rely heavily on my notes when it comes to studying so I recommend that you are taking good notes in class. Depending on the subject determines how I will take my notes. I usually just type my notes but for math or a language class, I handwrite my notes. The last bit of advice I have for studying is to use your resources. This was my struggle last semester not using my resources enough. I recommend joining study groups and going to office hours and asking your teachers for help when needed.

I hope this semester will be the best one yet for you and that this advice will benefit you in some shape or form!

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