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The Bag That Everyone is Wearing: The Marc Jacobs Tote Bag.

The must-have bag of the season.

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Originally making its debut in 2019, the Marc Jacobs tote bag has gained attraction from many.

The tote bag itself ranges in size, color, and price.

In this article, I will be discussing the different varieties and how to style the tote bag.

The Different Varieties Of The Marc Jacobs Tote Bag

The tote bag itself comes in three sizes starting with

The mini tote bag

The small tote bag

and the biggest size is entitled "the tote bag"

The most popular one out of the three bags though is the small tote bag. It is the perfect size for a working girl on the go.

Since its debut, the Marc Jacobs brand has come out with different variations of its original tote bag. Including bags that range from leather, splatter paint, and animal print as well

I personally love the original bag the most.

Adding on to that I love the evolution that the brand has given the tote bag though.

This evolution is what has kept the tote bag popular.

How To Style The Tote Bag

Due to the tote bag being so versatile, it can be styled in numerous ways.

After doing some research I often see the tote bag accessorized with leggings, jeans, graphic t-shirts, and sneakers.

I believe that the tote bag is often styled this way because it is meant to be used by the everyday working woman.

The bag is meant to carry everything that a woman needs but also remain stylish enough for her to use every single day if she so chooses.

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