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Things You Don’t Need As A Freshman In College


Source: LWL 

This is part two in my college series: things you don’t need as a freshman in college.I have one year of experience of living in a dorm so I am knowledgeable on what is not needed. I hope this article is helpful to anyone trying to start shopping for their dorm! 


Unless you are staying in an apartment-style living dorm, a heater is not needed. It will take up the already limited space in your dorm. 


Personally, I believe that steamers are more effective than irons. I believe steamers are more efficient and quicker too.

 I recommend getting a steamer over an iron. 


Many universities provide their students with printers on campus. So buying your own printer isn’t practical. Save your money for more essentials! 

Excessive School Supplies

Most of your assignments in college will be online. An excessive amount of school supplies is definitely not necessary. I recommend a few notebooks, pencils, pens, and highlighters. That will be more than enough.

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