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Things You Need As A Freshman In College

The essentials!


As my first year in college comes to an end, I wanted to share some essentials that I needed to survive my first year. I hope that this is beneficial to anyone that’s going into their freshman year! 

I plan to do a series about college life for the next couple of weeks. Be sure to be on the lookout for the next couple of blog posts. 

I’ve also shared my tips and tricks on my personal platforms. 

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Most of the assignments that you have in college will be online. If I have learned anything this year, technology is the one non-negotiable necessity needed in college. I have included these examples down below but there are so many more affordable alternatives. A large misconception with technology in college is the idea that in order to succeed you must have the latest computer or iPad. This is far from the truth, all you need is a reliable device to get your work done!  


This will depend on the weather where your university is but personally, my university is in the south. If you don’t know, it rains quite often in the south so all of these items were a necessity for me. I do recommend that everyone at least has an umbrella or a raincoat regardless of where your university is! 


Dorm living is not for the weak! I definitely learned this the hard way. When I first moved in, I took the majority of my clothes from home and this was a mistake. There are limited options when it comes to storage in dorms. I personally loved all of the options below and believe that any selection will be beneficial! 


These were my personal favorites but they aren’t necessities!

I will say my top three are definitely the humidifier, the Keurig, and the rug. I loved having the humidifier because sometimes my dorm felt stuffy, I personally enjoy tea so I loved the Keurig, and finally, having a rug made my room feel more comfortable as I could walk freely on it! 

Thank you so much for reading.

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