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Three Things You Should Add To Your Morning Routine

Good Morning Routine= Productive Day

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With summer right around the corner, it is important to review our morning routine and see what we can improve on.

Personally, my morning routine has not been as productive as I would like it to be so I am excited to update it!

I believe that the key to having a good and productive day is having a productive morning routine.

In this article, I will be discussing the benefits of waking up early, being active, and eating a well-balanced breakfast.

The Benefits Of Waking Up Early

Waking up early has been proven to help with sleep quality, productivity, and overall reduce stress as well.

I typically start my mornings at 8:30 and this helps me accomplish all of my goals and I feel very refreshed as well.

If I start my morning this early I usually accomplish my goals by noon which is perfect for me!

My advice if you're trying to start your days earlier begin to wake up 30 minutes earlier each day for a week and it should become easier for you.

Being Active

Incorporating some form of physical activity into your morning routine is very important

I personally love doing stretches or a mild workout routine to start my mornings.

By even being the slightest bit active you are stimulating productivity and starting your day off right!

Check out our spring break-out article, we featured the perfect workout routine that can be incorporated all year round.

Eating a well-balanced breakfast.

I am guilty of not making the best breakfast choices but I have been working on improving

because I have noticed that when I eat a good breakfast I instantly feel better throughout the day.

I usually eat bagels, muffins, or eggs and toast. I usually include water or coffee as well. I try my best not to drink so much coffee though because it tends to leave me groggy sometimes.

If you suffer from the same effects after drinking coffee, I recommend not drinking coffee every day

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