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Top Three Fashion Styles

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

My personal favorites;)

I have decided to make a series of posts dedicated to fashion and only fashion. My next couple of posts will center around the history of different styles of fashion and the impact they have made or continue to make.

In this post, I will be discussing the top three fashion styles that I personally wear.


I love, love, LOVE streetwear. The buzz around streetwear lately has made me extremely happy. The thing about streetwear is that it can be so versatile.Some choose to make their stylings to streetwear more edgy and tomboyish while others may choose to have a girly element. For myself, it depends sometimes I like to add that girly element because it compliments my personality better.


Aesthetic wear may be different for everyone but for me it is basically trendy clothes. I consider the above outfit aesthetic wear because of the crop top and acid wash undertone, the gold accessories including the oversized hoops, high waisted multiple button jeans, chunky sneakers, and finally the holographic purse. When it comes to aesthetic wear I try to follow the trends but also stay true to myself and buy clothing that I could see myself wearing in the future and not just for the moment.


I am a girly girl at heart so any opportunity given to express that I take it! I love wearing pink and accessorizing different colors with it. I believe pink is a timeless color and you can never go wrong with it . When it comes to girly chic, I would say don’t be scared to step outside of the box. Dress up your outfit as much as you like or dress down your outfit as much as you like—just remember to stay true to yourself.

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