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Wash Day Tips

Interested in adding some new things to your wash day? You’ve come to the right place! Today I am going to share some wash day tips that are sure to help wash day go by faster!

Oily Hair Gals

After doing some research I have come up with three tips that should produce some remedies if you suffer from oily hair or scalp.

Use less conditioner

This will only add more oil to your hair since most conditioners are oil-based. According to an article written by Jessica Estrada on, she states “Too much conditioner, especially when hair is not washed out properly, can cause hair to get greasier,”. This is why it is important that when washing your hair you don’t over-condition.

What about shampoo then?

Glad you asked! One of the best types of shampoo for oily hair is dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is good for when you don’t have time to wash your hair but you still want your hair to look refreshed. Just like conditioner though, it is important to not use too much. Even though Dry shampoo is good for quick fixes, it will eventually dry your hair out.

Have fewer wash days

Though it is tempting to wash your hair as frequently as possible to get the oil out, fight the urge! In an article by Alyssa Montemurro on, she stresses the importance of not washing your hair as much “You heard us right. As counterintuitive as it sounds, washing your hair too frequently may actually be to blame for your greasy roots.” This is the result of washing your hair too much.

Curly Head Girls

Being a "curly head girl" myself I have learned a few tips and tricks to make sure my hair looks fresh and stays fresh after an old twist out/braid out. Here are few ways to ensure that you are washing your hair properly to prevent frizz, dryness, and shrinkage.

Use a T-Shirt to dry your hair

Yes, you read that correctly USE. A. T-SHIRT. Using a t-shirt has been proven to eliminate frizz. Speaking from personal experience I use t-shirts to dry my hair all the time and I can attest that they do help with the prevention of frizz. Since towels are made out of a rougher materials they often cause frizz that is why it is better to use a cotton t-shirt instead.

Heat-less Drying is a must!

In today’s times, it can be tempting to use heat to achieve fast results that we so desire. The best way, though, to obtain beautiful and healthy curls, is to let your hair air dry. It is not always easy to do this but the results are so worth it! The problem with heat is that over time it will damage your hair and no one wants that. An alternative to this is using a diffuser if you do not have time to air-dry.

Stop Shrinking!

Finally a common problem that every curly girl relates to: shrinkage! It seems like no matter what you do, shrinkage finds a way to get the best of us. Never fear, there are some ways to conquer shrinkage. These ways include stretching methods. Some examples of stretching methods include: Bantu knots, banding, and twists outs/braid outs! I highly recommend trying one of these if you want to stop your shrinkage.

General Hair Tips For Wash Day

If none of the hair types previously mentioned pertain to you, no worries. Here are some general hair tips that could work for you.

Detangling is Key!

Prior to washing your hair, you should comb through it with a comb or brush depending on your hair type. This will save you so much time in and out of the shower. When you detangle your hair, it is also much easier to style when you finish washing your hair.

Control the Water When Washing

Studies show that washing with cooler water benefits your hair in numerous ways. Using super hot water will only dry your hair out and cause more problems in the long run. Consider making the switch next time you wash your hair.

Section Your Hair While Washing

Sectioning your hair while washing makes the wash day process so much easier. This makes washing your hair more efficient and overall ensure that you are getting all the product throughout your hair.

Thank You so much for reading. I plan to post more this summer so be on the lookout as always make sure to like and share with your friends and family!

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