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10 Ways To Embrace Fall: Fashion Edition

"I Come Alive In The Fall Time"

Happy Fall Loves!

The season of Fall officially started September 23rd, 2023. I am so excited for Fall this year! It has been hard for me to get into the season of Fall though because it is still scorching hot where I live. Despite that, I intentionally tried to embrace Fall this week. I started the week off by getting my favorite fall themed drink from Starbucks, then I decided to wear warm colors to class all this week, and finally I watched my favorite movies that were centered around Fall as well to get into the season.

One of my favorite parts of Fall has to be the fashion. I love high boots, long trench coats, and sweaters during this season. I have always looked to Gossip Girl, Girlfriends, and Sex In The City for Fall fashion inspiration, These women definitely know how to dress during the Fall season. I also look to my favorite influencers and celebrities for Fall Fashion inspiration as well. Some noteworthy brands that always have great Fall fashion are FreePeople and ZARA. I highly recommend shopping at these stores during this season!

Without further ado let's discuss 10 Ways To Embrace Fall: Fashion Edition!

1.) Sweater Weather Is In Season

Sweater weather is the best weather in my opinion. I love to wear sweaters during the fall season and I especially love to wear colorful sweaters. I recommend everyone to buy a few sweaters for this upcoming fall season.

2.) Boots Are The Way To Go

Boots are the perfect staple shoes for any outfit during the fall. I personally love thigh high boots the most during fall.

3.) We Love A Monochromatic Moment

Monochromatic moments have been happening for a few years now but they are the best during fall. Monochromatic moments with matching sets are so popular right now and is perfect for fall!

4.) Matching Sets Are Your Best Friend

Matching sets are so cute for any season but especially for fall in my opinion. A good matching set can make you feel complete. Personally, I wear matching sets to class and I instantly feel more motivated

5.) Blazers Are The Main Characters This Season

Blazers have been a trending topic for a couple of seasons now and I love it! Blazers can dress up and outfit or dress down an outfit. Overall, I love the versatility that blazers give to outfits.

6.) Embrace Layering

As the weather gets colder laying is essential during the fall. Layering can help you stay stay stylish but also warm as the weather changes.

7.) Basics Are Not Basic

Having multiple basics in your wardrobe is key. By having multiple basics you will never run out of outfits!

8.) Gold Accessories Are Perfect

Any gold accessories is perfect all year around but especially in the fall.

9.) Denim Is In

Incorporate denim into your fall wardrobe! It is such an easy but a forgetful thing to do as well.

10.) Incorporate Bold Fall Colors

Finally, incorporating bold colors in your wardrobe during the fall is such a fun way to switch up your looks during the fall!

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Lindsay Mariah

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