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4 Female YouTubers You Should Watch.

My Favorite Youtubers ;)

I have been on this journey where I have been focused on only surrounding myself with positive energy.

Lately, though I have tried to become more aware of what I watch.

I believe this is important because what you watch influences you and your well-being as well.

That is why I love watching these specific women on youtube because they promote themselves in such a positive light that it is so inspiring.

These women are entrepreneurs who show their day-to-day life in vlogs as content creators.

Aaliyah Jay

I have been watching Aaliyah Jay for years. She is one of the OG beauty gurus from youtube.

She started her youtube journey around 2012 so she is credited for the trend of makeup tutorials since she was one of the first YouTubers to introduce makeup tutorials to youtube.

She is most notable for her storytimes, makeup tutorials, and most recently her journey as a fashion designer!

Just a few months ago she launched her very own fashion brand entitled "Twisted Saints" and released her first collection which received much love from her supporters, the "army".

I fell in love with the collection and I am so excited to see where the brand will go!

One of the reasons why I love watching Aaliyah Jay is because she promotes herself in a way that makes her stand out from other YouTubers.

She is unapologetically herself and doesn't change her content to keep up with trends. Instead, she creates the trends and stays true to herself.

Follow her on youtube here

Kirah Ominiqué

I started watching Kirah Ominiqué around 6 months ago and I have been enjoying her content.

She makes content centered around self-care, makeup, fashion, and health.

She always provides her followers with the best deals through her partnerships which I personally love.

She is an advocate that luxury is whatever you make it to be and not how much it costs.

This mindset is important to me because I think many young people get caught up in how expensive something is rather than the quality of it.

Kirah is also very honest with her followers about the ins and outs of being a content creator and is encouraging to those who would like to also be a content creator like her.

I enjoy watching Kirah Omonique's videos and I can't wait to see how far she will go!


Follow her on youtube

Princess Rese

I've been watching Princess Rese for the past few months and I have been loving her content!

She is a make-up artist based in New York City and takes her subscribers through her daily life as one in her vlogs.

I love watching the clips where she includes the makeup looks she provided for her clients that day!

She also makes girl talk videos where she provides advice to her subscribers per their


The questions range from dating to beauty and making content as well.

I personally love her girl talk videos because she always provides the best and most relevant advice on all aspects of life.

Follow her on youtube here

De'arra Taylor

I have been watching De'arra for many years and have always been fond of her content.

Not only does she provide quality content but she is also very diverse with her content as well.

Her videos range from cooking videos, daily vlogs, and even home organization videos.

On top of that De'arra is very stylish, she just launched her sunglasses brand entitled "Lorvae"

The campaign for her brand was executed perfectly. I absolutely love how she marketed the sunglasses and I think this brand will go very far.

Follow her on youtube here

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