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Back To School Essentials: Amazon Edition

The essentials you need to have a great school year.

With the school year right around the corner, I thought this was the best time to share my amazon back-to-school finds that I believe are essential for a successful school year.

I love preparing for school ahead of time and gathering all my supplies to ensure that I am fully prepared. This also helps me with productivity and organization throughout the year as well if I am prepared ahead of time.

I hope this list makes your back-to-school shopping easier and I hope everyone has an amazing school year!


I personally love using planners. It allows me to keep up with an upcoming tests, quizzes, and any other important events in my life.

2.) Hydro Flask

Staying hydrated is very important! I love hydro flasks, they always keep my drinks cool.

3.) Notebooks

Personally, I have to use notebooks to write my notes down for class in order to ensure that I am retaining the information. These notebooks are super cute! I love the pastels and I think they are perfect for the school year.

4.) Pencil Pouch

This pencil pouch is cute and perfect for keeping all of your writing instruments together.

5.) Portable Charger

I am guilty of letting my phone die and sometimes there isn't always an outlet to charge it. With a portable charger though, I am able to charge my phone whenever and wherever.

6.) Lipbalm

I love these lip balms! They always keep my lips moisturized. I believe having lip balms are essential especially since fall is coming up.

7.) Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is a must for the school year!

8.) Hair Clips

Hair clips are the latest hair accessories that everyone can't get enough of. They are perfect for keeping your hair in place and out of your face. They don't create a lot of tension which is great for your hair as well.

9.) IPad or Computer Case

These cases are perfect and they also come in different colors!

10.) Durable Backpack or Tote bag

No matter if you prefer using a backpack or a tote bag. These bags are perfect for the school year. Personally, I love The North Face backpacks, they always last me the entire school year! The backpacks also provide a lot of storage space as well.

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