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Romanticizing Your Life: How To Plan Friend Dates

There is beauty in everything

“Romanticizing your life is a fancy way of saying you take the mundane, daily task, and turn it into something wonderful. Something beautiful.”

I try my best to always look for the goodness in everything life offers. To do this I must also cut off anything that doesn’t bring goodness to my life. This act alone romanticizes my life.

Other examples of romanticizing my life include going to Starbucks, running errands, and cleaning my room. I find comfort in these activities and romanticize them to make them even better.

When I go to Starbucks, I always try something new or treat myself to my favorite drink!

Instead of looking at running errands as an annoying task. I look at it as a time to prepare for the upcoming week.

When I clean my room, I look at it as if I am giving my mind a refresh. I believe that your room is a reflection of your mental state. So I always check in with myself whenever my space gets cluttered. I also use this time to listen to my favorite songs or podcasts.

I love to romanticize my life by going out with my friends. I love planning friend dates and getting dressed up as well for them!

Here are the top three tips I have for planning friend dates.

1.) Choose a meaningful activity that everyone will enjoy!

-These activities do not have to be extravagant or expensive just fun! This is important because the point of friend dates is to create memories and have fun without breaking the bank.

-Examples: Picnics, thrifting, or movie nights.

2.) Get Dressed Up!

-I personally love getting dressed up for any occasion but especially for my friend dates. It takes the activity to another level and stimulates positivity. It's exciting picking our outfits and even coordinating sometimes!


3.) Live In The Moment

Very often we can get consumed by taking pictures and recording every little thing we do. It is important though to take time and appreciate the space that we are in. I am guilty of taking pictures and videos but I try my very best to just be present with everything I do.

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