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Journal Prompts To Relieve Stress

The Best Way To De-Stress

Stress can be caused by many factors but no matter the reason, I have found that journaling can bring peace to anyone going through a stressful time.

In the past, I have stepped away from journaling because sometimes writing everything down made everything feel too real. One day though, I decided that I wanted to reclaim those feelings and turn them into a positive ones.

Now journaling has helped me process my own emotions and how I feel about certain situations that I didn't realize I had strong contagions about.

I also use journaling to take my mind off of my problems and this helps me a lot.

Here are some journal prompts that I have found very beneficial!

• What's my dream life?

• What do I need more in my life?

• How do I want to wake up and show up tomorrow?

What are three things I am grateful for?

• What part of my life do I love right now?

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