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LWL January Obsessions 2024

All Our Favorites

In the summer of 2022, LWL officially started doing monthly obsessions and continued to do them for the following year. The feedback from the monthly obsessions post was nothing short of amazing.

Each month, I was inspired to try something new to share with my audience in the hopes that it would inspire someone to try a new hobby, product, or experience.

My goal is to keep up the series as long as possible and to keep improving each month and every year. The series wouldn't be what it is without the continued love and support from my audience.

Cheers To 1 Year Of Monthly Obsessions

Healthy Eating

One of my goals for the New Year is to start eating healthily. My goal is to pay attention to what I am eating on a daily basis that way I can incorporate healthy meals into my diet. I also have been trying to plan out my meals more as well, this helps with ensuring that I am eating healthy.

Silk Presses

I love silk presses and I have loved getting them this month.


My First Founders' Day

This was definitely the highlight of my month. Celebrating my first Founders' day was so special and I will treasure these memories forever.

Trying New Restaurants

This month, I have been going out to eat so much and I have tried out so many new restaurants that I am absolutely in love with. I want to do a mini-serious on Instagram featuring my favorite restaurants that I have been to recently!

King Cake Inspired Drinks

It is officially my favorite time of the year. It is officially carnival season! Many local businesses will incorporate a seasonal Mardi Gras drink into their menu and I love it! My favorite drink is currently the PJs' King Cake Velvet Ice Coffee. It is delicious.


Another new years goal of mine is to start working out more. I have been taking a pilates class and I have been loving it!

Thank you so much for reading.

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Until the next blog post!

Lindsay Mariah

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