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LWL July Obsessions

All Our Favorites From July

New series alert!

Each month, our team is going to pick several items that we love!

For July we have picked from a range of drinks, flowers, face masks, and more to share with everyone!

These are our top 10 favorites from July!

1.) Pink Drinks From Starbucks

We have been obsessed with the pink drinks from Starbucks this month.

Since it is summertime, we like to have a balance between our summertime beverages and our coffees. The pink drink does the trick!

It is the perfect blend of strawberries and coconut milk that keeps us nice and refreshed.

2.) Mango Dragonfruit Refresher From Starbucks

We also love the Mango Dragonfruit refresher! Sometimes we like to switch it up and this drink is perfect for that.

3.) Mule Heels

We featured mule heel in our previous article and we are still obsessed. They have been our favs for so long. They are so cute and versatile for the summer.

The mule heels pictured above are from Zara!

4.) Mary Kay Face Masks

Face masks are always a must! Mary Kay’s face masks always leaves our skin feeling refreshed.

5.)It Ends With Us By Colleen Hoover

This book is a must-have for the summer. The sequel is coming out in October so it is essential to read it now. It will leave you speechless with twists and turns.


As a form of self-care, we love buying flowers, especially during the summertime. This has been one of our favorite things to do this month!

7.) Wasteland By Brent Faiyaz

We are huge fans of Brent Faiyaz and have been for years! The recent release of this album has left us speechless. It is a combination of old school R&B and new school R& B that is perfect for those late summer nights.

8.) Honestly Nevermind By Drake

The release of Drake’s new album has left us feeling rejuvenated and ready to dance.

This album is perfect for parties or even just vibing out with friends.

9.)Tote Bags

We have previously featured tote bags in one of our past articles. We love using tote bags all year round but we especially love them for the summer. It keeps all of our summer essentials together!

10.) Colorful French Tip

Recently, there has been a trend of everyone getting french tips on their nails. There has also been a trend of getting a color instead of traditional white. We personally love this trend especially, for the summer! It is so fun!

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