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LWL September Obsessions

All our favorites from September!

New series alert!

Each month, our team is going to pick items that we love!

For September, we have picked from a range of music, food, podcasts, accessories, and more to share with everyone!

These are our top favorites from September!

1.) Sushi

I have been loving sushi this month!

2.) Protective Styles: Braids

My favorite protective style is braids and this is due to their versatility. For the last month I have been obsessed with my latest set of braids and I can't wait to get them re-done!

3.) Pinterest

I love pinterest because it gives me a way to organize my life through pictures and it also gives me inspiration for my life as well.

4.) The Wellness Cafe Podcast By Trinity Tondeleir

I love listening to this podcast! It focuses on lifestyle and wellness. I would recomend this podcast to anyone that is intrested in improving their life.

5.)Gold Jewelry

I personally love accessorizing and lately I have loved pairing gold jewelry with my outfits


I get my smoothies from smoothie king and my favorite smoothies to get is angel food and pinapple surf.

7.) My Keurig

Instead of buying Starbucks every day, I have been making coffee at home using my Keurig.

I still treat myself to Starbucks on occasion but overall I enjoy making my own coffee at home.

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