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Post Your Content:The Key To Having Confidence With Content Creation

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Welcome Back Lovelies

For this week's blog post, I want to challenge you to start posting your content. I know many of us are inspired by our favorite content creators and we too want to create our own content but we don’t have the confidence to post it. I suffer from this as well and it prohibits me from posting. Sometimes I just don't have the confidence to post my content and that's okay. As long as I find enough courage to eventually post and not let my fear take over. In this blog post, I will share my content creation journey and how I find the confidence to post my content unapologetically.

I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.

Emma Stone

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My content creation journey is similar to others. I started watching YouTube at a young age, so I grew up watching my favorite Youtubers live out their influencer lives and instantly fell in love with their lives and content. I specifically fell in love with capturing content and preserving my memories forever. Through content creation, I can capture myself through different phases of life through different lenses. It wouldn’t be until 2020 though that I begin my content creation journey. As many of you know, LWL just celebrated her 4th year anniversary, I still don’t know how that is possible. I feel like it was just yesterday that I created my first blog post and started this journey. Little did I know, my blog would just be the beginning of my content journey. One year ago, almost two I begin making content on Tik Tok and I loved it. I was just making videos for fun, but I realized how much my videos resonate with others. The outpouring of love that I have received from my online community was overwhelmingly positive and inspired me to create content on Tik Tok. Through trial and error, I finally found my niche and what content I wanted to explore. Like my blog, I was intrigued to create content that is informing and relatable to my audience that was focused on fashion beauty, and lifestyle. The three pillars of LWL. I love the connection that my blog and my content on Tik Tok has. I believe it creates a bond that intrigues both audiences to support both platforms.

The confidence to post my content is a different story though. As previously stated, I did not always have the confidence to post my content and it prohibited me from posting all together. IRL I am shy and at times reserved so putting myself out there in such a vulnerable way was a scary concept, but I did not let that stop me. I didn’t let my fear outweigh my dreams and I decided to have confidence in myself. Once I got outside my own head, I was able to tap into my creative side and produce content how I truly wanted to.

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My first piece of advice for having more confidence with content creation is establishing why you want to create content. Some ways that I did this was by establishing what content creation meant to me. I realized that making content brought me happiness like writing. I realized I wasn't doing it to please others or gain the most likes. I was doing it for myself and that's when I truly gained the confidence to post. The second piece of advice that I would give to having more confidence with content creation is to stay true to yourself. In a society where it is easier to mold yourself to society's standards of what's popular, staying true to yourself is the best thing you can do. Do not change yourself to appear as someone else for your online presence. What attracts viewers and followers is authenticity. I love it when content creators are themselves, it makes me feel more comfortable when watching their content and it inspires me to relax more with my content. My last piece of advice is to just have fun. The possibilities when it comes to content creation are limitless. Do not let your fear limit you and do not worry about what anyone will say about you. Just have fun and post your content!

In conclusion, content creation is supposed to be fun. Try not to get wrapped up in the pressures to succeed and become an internet sensation. Post your content with pride and with confidence. That is what will attract your audience and gain the traction that you desire. Let your confidence radiate from within and do not let anyone dim your light. Follow me on Tik Tok to follow my content creation journey @lindsayymariah

Thank you so much for reading.

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Until the next blog post!

Lindsay Mariah

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