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Stop Comparing: You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be

Updated: Feb 6

Trusting in God's Timing

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Welcome Back Lovelies

For this week's blog post, I want to show a different side to LWL and that is the spiritual side. I have discussed how important my faith is to me in prior blog posts but never in this way. God is truly my reason for everything. Without him, I would have none of the tremendous blessings in my life and I believe this wholeheartedly.

Since I started my college career, my relationship with God has shifted and evolved for the better and I love that for me. Going away for college has forced me to truly examine my relationship with God and force me to improve it. Since strengthening my relationship with God, I have learned how to trust his timing and this has helped me in times of rejection.

“I Wait For The Lord, My Whole being Waits And In His Word I Hope”

Psalms 1 30:5

(Credits: Pinterest)

I have discussed a similar topic on LWL and I want you to think of this as a sequel to that. Rejection Is Redirection: How To Accept & Grow With Rejection. In my opinion, the basis for every relationship in life is trust. If you don't have trust then what do you have? As previously stated, my relationship with God has evolved since coming to college. Growing up, my relationship with God was established for me and I didn't have to think about it. That all changed when I went to college though. I realized that my relationship with God was solely up to me. If I wanted to have a good relationship with God, I had to work towards that myself. I learned how to trust God wholeheartedly and as much as I would love to say this came naturally to me, that would be untrue. The definition of trust is defined as the "firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something." To grow with God you must trust in him completely even when things don't go your way. Learning to trust that what he has planned for you is greater than anything you have planned for yourself is what it truly means to trust God. I believe that college is a very pivotal point in many students' relationship with God. Falling into the trap of comparison in college is so easy but having trust that God has his plan for you can help with this. God will never lead you astray. I know what it feels like firsthand to fall into the trap of comparison. In times like this, I have taught myself to pray in the face of rejection before I do anything else. This is my way of telling God that I trust him despite what the situation looks like.

In conclusion, your relationship with God is exactly that, your relationship. The practices that work for me may not work for you but by trusting in God's divine timing will never lead you astray. Something that has always stuck with me is that "when God closes one door he will open another one" and I truly believe this. I find comfort in it. I wholeheartedly believe that even when things don't go my way, God has a bigger plan and that truly makes everything better. One of my goals this year is to strengthen my relationship with God and by doing this act I believe I have already enriched my relationship with him. I aspire to do more God-centered blog posts in the future! I pray this article has brought you comfort when comparison has come your way. If you enjoy this content from LWL and would love to see more, let me know down below!

Thank you so much for reading.

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Lindsay Mariah

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