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The Key To Clear Skin: Curology Review

The Key To Clear Skin

After seeing many of my favorite influencers use Curology I knew I had to try it out for myself!

In this article, I will be discussing my overall experience with the products and the breakdown of each product as well.

Overall Experience

The process to set up my very own personalized box was very efficient, to say the least. The brand focuses on providing the right products for each consumer which I loved. I had to answer a short questionnaire which then helped Curology figure out what products were needed for my skin type. I begin to see a difference in my skin during week two. The products also left my skin feeling very moist with each use. Overall I loved each product and would subscribe to curology again!

The Cleanser

Curology recommends that I use the cleanser once in the morning and once at night as well. The cleanser felt very refreshing during each use. I think the cleanser was the most impactful on my skin and provided the most results.

The Moisturizer

Curology recommends that I use the cleanser once in the morning and once at night. The moisturizer was also very refreshing.

The Custom Formula

The custom formula contains specific ingredients curated by curology for my specific skin type. I took a short survey and described my skin type and this made up my custom formula. Curology recommends that I use my custom formula at night. The custom formula was also very refreshing and made my skin feel amazing before bed.

The Acne Body Wash

I suffer from body acne and this body wash has tremendously improved it. I used it for two weeks and specifically targeted my back.

Miscellaneous items

(Lip balm and Makeup Remover)

The lip balm was very useful and I include it in my daily routine now.

I also love the makeup remover because I had struggled to find a makeup remover that can take away all of my makeup without leaving residue.

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