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"Where Everyday Is A Glamorous Occasion:" An Interview With MUA and Youtuber Gabrielle Goines

An exclusive interview with up and coming MUA & youtuber Gabrielle Goines

Her motto "Where every day is a glamorous occasion" speaks volumes about her work ethic and how much she dedicates herself to her brand. She strives to provide her clients and followers with the best experience possible.

Gabrielle is the proud CEO of gglamartistry and she also runs her own youtube channel “gabgoi”. She has been an MUA for years and has been doing makeup since she was 15. She also recently started her youtube channel and has gained much attraction.

In this interview, I focused on asking questions about her journey as a MUA and her youtube journey as well.

Follow her brand on instagram @gglamartistry

Follow her youtube channel as well @gabgoi

1.) Describe your journey with gglamartistry from the beginning until now.( Include goals you’ve achieved + obstacles you have had to overcome)

- I started my business by buying my LLC in January 2022 but have always been drawn to “GGlamArtistry.” For example, I’ve been doing makeup since I was 15 years old and created my name then. I built my clientele throughout the years and then decided to fully branch out with GGlamArtistry. It was easy to build clientele off of the clientele I already had. Makeup always comes with trial and error, but it’s always been a goal of mine to actually introduce GGlamArtistry in 2022 which is something that I achieved. I plan on going to beauty college this summer and getting my esthetician license to have that title behind my name and expand my brand.

2.) What are some specific and intentional ways you set yourself aside from other MUAS?

- My goal is definitely to be understanding and have great customer service. Everyone is human, people go through things. My goal is to always make my clients feel beautiful and comfortable while also doing what I love.

3.)What are some products you recommend for anyone who is just learning how to do their own makeup?

- Definitely the basics. I love the Maybelline “Fit me” foundation as well as the Too Faced “Born this Way” concealer. I also love Juvia’s Place concealer. Some other products I love for beginners are the Milani blush and lip gloss in “Soft Rose.” I would never recommend super expensive makeup for beginners because you are just beginning with makeup. Take your time because practice makes perfect. Remember, you have to crawl before you walk so it’s okay to not have as many makeup products to start off with.

4.) What inspired you to begin a youtube channel? What are your goals with your channel?

-Since I was in middle school, I always knew that I wanted to be a YouTuber/Content Creator. I’ve always loved to watch beauty gurus and fashion hauls on YouTube and just hoped that someday I’d be in the same shoes and here I am. My goal for my channel is to simply entertain and help others while also doing what I love. I would also like to be monetized one day as well as getting brand deals and sponsorships with big companies.

5.) How do you find a balance between running your business + your youtube channel?

- It’s all about organization and proper planning. I write everything down, I mean everything. I own a happy planner which I believe is a great investment to one’s organization.

6.) What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start their own business + youtube channel?

-To simply just go for it. Don’t think about what others think about you, just do it. At the end of the day people are going to talk about you if you’re doing bad or good so why not just do it? And who cares? It’s your life and don’t waste it or your time by continuously thinking about what you could’ve did or should’ve did. Just do it.

Many thanks to Gabrielle for this interview. We thoroughly enjoyed it and wish her, her brand, and her youtube channel much success in the future.

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