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You Deserve A Soft Love: How To Recognize Genuine Love In Friendships & Relationships

Accept Everything For What It Is And Nothing More

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Welcome Back Lovelies

For this week's blog post, I want to show a more vulnerable side to LWL. As I enter my 20s, I reflect on the friendships and relationships that I have obtained in my life up until this point. I have had some amazing friendships and relationships in my life that have shaped who I am today. I thank God for bringing these relationships into my life and for blessing me with them. With that being said, I have also had some friendships and relationships that weren't the best but I am grateful for them too. They have equipped me with the tools to recognize when future friendships or relationships are not genuine which is an very important skill to have in life. You deserve soft love. You deserve friendships and relationships that will uplift you. In this blog post, not only will I help you recognize genuine love in your relationships but I will also help you accept that love as well.

“When Love Is Real It Finds A Way ”

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Friendships are not easy to navigate at times, but they should not bring more harm than good to your life. As previously stated throughout my childhood, teenage years, and now my young adulthood, I have had great friendships but not all of them have been filled with genuine love. I cannot control that, but I can trust in God when he places genuine friendships in my life. To have genuine friendships, you must be willing to accept those friendships for what they are, genuine. This is easier said than done, especially when you have been burned by friendships in the past, but you should find comfort in accepting these new and genuine friendships. The friendships I have obtained from high school and college have been the most loving and genuine friendships I have ever experienced, and I thank God for them. I never question whether my friends are there for me, and that is a good indicator of genuine friendships. Your friends should want the best for you period. They should support you, uplift you, and all-around love you. That said, you should also do that for your friends. To have good friends, you must be a good friend as well. The pressure cannot and should not be all on them. When you have a good set of friends, it wont' be hard to recognize them but you must be able to accept them.

Now, let us discuss relationships. I believe the foundation for a great relationship is friendship. Not only is having a friendship important but also maintaining the friendship is important as well. The best relationships come when you least expect it so just like with friendships, you must be willing to accept it when it comes. Love will most definitely will have its difficulties as all relationships do but it should not be hard to decipher whether a relationship is right for you. The right person will never make you feel like an option or take you for granted. Society has made it difficult for young couples to come together and thrive. From the overwhelming amount of pressure social media puts on relationships, no wonder many are confused on how to be in a relationship that is not social media driven but instead driven by genuine love for one another. Your significant other should not have to spoil you every single day to prove their love despite what social media will have you believe. Your relationship is simply that, YOUR relationship. You and your partner must do what works for y'all and that is what makes it genuine. I have been blessed with experiencing genuine love in my relationship and for that I am grateful. With that being said accept love when it comes your way because life is too short not to.

In conclusion, love those who love you and pour into those that pour into you. Do not be afraid to accept genuine love in your friendships and relationships because you truly deserve it.

Thank you so much for reading.

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Lindsay Mariah

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